Terms & Conditions


• Please beware that the reply can only be interpreted as advice in the light of the information submitted, and it’s no substitute to a face to face consultation. However, it may help you to improve the management of the problem, or to approach your doctor for a face to face consultation or to request a specialist referral for further investigations.

• An accurate on line diagnosis may not possible due to the need for a face to face consultation or further tests.

• The service mainly aims to aid people and point them in the right direction to access further advice to achieve a diagnosis and treatment of their skin problems.

• If you live outside the UK you will have to follow the referral procedures applicable in your country to have access to a face to face consultation.

• If the reply includes advice on management, this will be regarding preparations/drugs available in the UK, and following national UK guidelines of treatment for several skin conditions. We will endeavour to reply with generic drug names when appropriate and also provide web related advice links on the relevant skin conditions.


• Please note that we do not accept images of genital lesions.

• Photographing children can be challenging, as it is difficult to obtain a clear image, and this service may not be appropriate in those circumstances.

By sending us information and images about your skin condition you are agreeing with our terms and conditions above.